This ceramics artwork, of course, had more steps. Here are some of them in the form of a gallery.

Wabi Sabi vase design

First I made a perfect vase, with the help of a 3D model. Then I transformed it to a casted imperfect version of itself, more unique and nature-like ceramics artwork  

A 3D printed vase

Here you see the vase 3D printed in extra strong PEGT plastic. It is now ready to be used in the creation of a plaster mold. Unfortunately I have no images of the mold making  process.

A 3D model

I carefully modelled a vase in blender 3D. It is very special if you look at it, it is a cylinder in the bottom and formed as a square with 2 rounded corners and 2 sharp corners at the top.

Adding Uniques 

Here you see the casted vase. It is made with special liquid porcelain clay. In order to add uniqueness I sponged the the top corners imperfectly. Here you see it covered with 4 different glazes in a random way.

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