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The Vase and its creation 🌸

Many ceramic artists using hand building techniques often spend extensive amounts of time creating paper models of desired build object to pre-visualise them and to make a cardboard model from them. Nothing wrong with that approach, it is actually quite fun. 


I, on the other hand, quite quickly found myself restricted by the heavy amount of time it takes to make a model; each time something needed to be changed. So I started making/visualising/perfecting my model Vase in 3D software instead, and this project emerged. 

I chose Blender 3D, one of my favourite 3D applications. In this case, it was very much because of the genius little free script "Paper model exporter" by Adam Dominec capable of creating pdf/svg cutout sheets for paper models. I knew 3Dprinting at this size was too slow and very expensive and therefore out of  reach for this project. Here you see the perfected 3D model. The rest is very easy; plain old scissors and tape/glue.

Here you can navigate the vase model in 3D space.

Here you can see pictures from the creation process.

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