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3D concept art

I really like 3D concept art. My theme is visualisation of ceramics in 3D. The first image shows 16 different vases with the same basic shape. The second image shows the same vases seen from the direct front, inside the 3D software blender 3D. I love blender 3D, not just because it is free to use but most of all because it has a huge amount of talented artists sharing their tricks on YouTube. I made these vases with the help of "blender cookie's" vase generator tutorial and a vegetation add-on. 3D concept art might seam a bit broad in scope. My favourite thing is 3D vase design, although I from time to time create other shapes like teapots. 

Here you see the first vase from inside blender 3D

The vase above  and a view of how its material (texture) is made

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