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tutor4u is a great YouTube channel to learn Blender 3D, Gimp and Inkscape

Updated: Jan 16

The above animation is made with one of my favorite videos from tutor4u, in order to follow the tutorial I downloaded an older version of blender. This is a great thing of open source software, like blender is the ability to download older versions of blender 3D.

What I think makes tutor4u special is that it speaks very clearly, anything unnecessary is left out.

There are also great tutorials for Gimp and Inkscape, for more on open source graphics software click here .

Update 03-11-2022 the YouTube chanel is still active tutor4u uploaded this great cola video. The video really deserve a like :)

A practical use of the tutor4u video

I made this can with the tutor4u video. It was fun and easy to follow the very clear instructions. The droplets was made with this droplet generator, from blender marked Droplet generator 2.1

I think it is practical to know the reel size of a standart can. Sow I included this dimension graphic.

A little can animation. Happy blending :)

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