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Learn Blender 3D the fun way

Updated: Feb 21, 2022


I found a new free place to start learning blender 3D — CGBoost

I think it is a really great place to start, because it is very structured and by making a scene with apples you really get into, what blender 3D is capable of.

You will learn:

— navigation the interface —

— Different modeling styles, organic and hard-surface- think apple and knife —

— Cloth simulation, not as hard as it might sound —

— Putting materials on the 3D objects apples etc. —

— Making the apple wet with particles —

— Rigid body simulation, a clever way to place the apples —

— Setup lightning in a 3D scene —

— Rendering with both blenders render engines EEVEE and Cycles, rendering is the process of generating an 2D image of your 3D scene —

You can find the tutorials on Zach Reinhard YouTube channel

Here is the intro video

Have a look at CGBoost webpage

It is a very good idea to download Zachs great free hotkey pdf sheet for blender 3D, and use it, as you go along link

Even though you can make all the tutorials with the current blender 3D 2.93, I would recommend that you download blender 3D 2.8 link that is how you will be sure that the interface from the tutorials looks exactly like yours. I think this is the best for the absolute beginner to avoid confusion.

Hey, I want to make cars explosions and cool character and animate it right away. I remember the feeling 🙂 You can definitely make all that with blender 3D, but it can be very hard to follow these kind of tutorials without knowing the basics.

Follow Zachs Beginner tutorials, and learn the basics first- you won’t regret it.

Original article

For a start, there are lots of books about using blender. Books can offer in-depth theory of modeling animation textures and shaders, but for me they had some drawbacks. If you don’t work with 3D all time like me and like to work on and off as time fits, then consider online resources as they don’t become obsolete due to time.

Over the years I found two partically great online resources.

Andrew Price an Australian who is behind blenderguru makes YouTube videos for beginners and more advanced to up-to-date for blender 2.9. Making a donut and modeling a chair is a great place to start. Andrew Price seem optimistic and humorous in the videos; I like this approach as a good way not to get bored, of course it depends on your personal taste. The quality and depth of the videos are definitely high quality.


Number two is not free, cgcokie costs 29 USD a month some discount if you pay quarterly and/or yearly. What you get for the money is a very high quality video training in-depth training in almost every use of blender. I really like their learning flows ex. Fundamentals of Shading really going into depth with shading. Very structured site, hours and hours of training. One ting, navigating the site could be easier. Lastly, there is a large usercommunity with contests and other things. They have a trial and accepts Paypal.

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