Vase Wabi Sabi

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I decorated this Wabi Sabi styled vase and casted it with liquid porcelain cast clay. After I decorated it with different colored glazes. The Wabi Sabi vase has uneven top edge and was created with a sponge, and furthermore, there are various irregularities in the surface of the glazing. More modern interpretation of Wabi Sabi takes elegancy into account and this is what I tried to achieve here. It is elegant, yet thin and fragile inspired by Wabi Sabi. 


Not the usual ceramic vase

Please look firmly on the images of the Wabi Sabi vase, it is not the standard polished sanded porcelain vase with perfect glazing. This kind of art where you can see traces of the process left behind on purpose is not for everyone.


Limited edition

This vase as a limited edition series. It is one of a kind ceramic because of the different edge refinements and completely different glazing from item to item. I fired it several times to achieve the depth and richness of the glazing. 

If you want to learn more about creating with Wabi Sabi, please have a look at our blog post Wabi Sabi creating with imperfection.

  • Height: 19 cm     Length: 10 cm.    Width: 10 cm.

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