Ceramic wall art tiles

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Title: Gold can't cure a lonely heart


This is the biggest and most complex ceramic project I ever made, therefore it took me half a year to build. I needed to know how it would look before starting this gigantic ceramic project and as a consequence I made extensive 3D visualizations of the tiles first, see

"how it was made" 


Sculptural wall art

This 3d ceramic sculptural wall art is made of porcelain clay. This produces the fine white lines in the red heart tile. This sculpture is primarily made of gold tiles, as shown in the product images. The ceramic gold tiles are of a speckle nature, and as a consequence they look different depending on the light that shines on them. Warm incandescent light(warm LED) sources make ceramic tiles very golden, under colder light halogen(cold LED) the ceramic tiles appear dark gray goldish. The ceramic tiles are glued on a black woodplate with black grout, and the plate has two holes on the backside to hang it on.


Extra ceramic wall art tiles are included

In order to pick the best possible tiles, I made 2 extra heart tiles and several ceramic gold tiles. They are included so they can be used in an exhibition setup to show the ceramic process, and the audience can touch and feel the tiles themselves.


I want this porcelain wall art to be unique

To show that I'm serious, I have chosen to destroy all 7 plaster molds that were used in the production, see "how it was made" below. There will only exist one Gold can't cure a lonely heart.

Dimensions length 80 cm hight 53.5 cm width 4 cm. 

"how it was made"