Ceramic magical tower

€ 499,00Price

Large scale ceramic sculpture formed as a magic tower inspired by the form and colors you find in coral reefs.


Construction process 

How to make large scale ceramic sculpture was the challenge. So big that it only just fitted into the oven, looking heavy without being extremely heavy. I did it by taking an old round cookie box and attach a long cardboard roll to it. I mixed clay with perlite(normally used in gardening) then layered it around the cardboard in chunks. This is what makes it look like coral reefs. When the mixture had dried, I crunched the cookie box and burned the cardboard away, very fun to do 🙂


The firing process of a large ceramic sculpture

Many interesting things could happen and they did. The ceramic tower was no longer straight, when it came out of the oven it was bend. The crystal glaze on the top ran down the ceramic sculpture, as it was supposed to, but the bottom glazing took color from the other ceramics in the oven.


9 kg of ceramic sculpture

Even the weight reducing measurements could stop it from becoming quite heavy.

After the first bisque, I drilled some holes(can be seen on the images) to make it possible to mount coloured leds inside the tower for decoration.