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JEGPmini Pro a great optimizer

By coincidence, I came across JPEGmini pro. It is a little piece of software standalone as well as in the form of a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom. It works by finding the right amount of compression for each individual image in a way that not becomes visible. It works both for web and print, personally I find it to be more useful for the web, great way to reduce loading times without having to finetune each image individually by hand.


JPEGmini Pro user interface

One thing to be aware of is that JPEGmine Pro overwrites the original by default, it can be changed though.

<img src=”” alt=”Kingfisher – Saved with Photoshop CC quality 11 488 Kb. “>


Kingfisher Saved with Photoshop CC quality 11 488 Kb.

<img src=”” alt=”Kingfisher – JPEGmini pro plugin Photoshop CC 188 Kb.”>


Kingfisher JPEGmini pro plugin Photoshop CC 188 Kb.


JPEGmini pro costs 59 USD, JPEG mini pro suite costs 89 USD. If you do work with Photoshop or Lightroom I will suggest that you buy the suite. It is very convenient to be able to save directly from within the apps.

Update Beamr Imaging has released JPEGmini pro 3. Now supporting HEIC from within the interface, you can now convert your iPhone images directly to jpgs. There is also support for costume resizing presets. I did not use version 3 on kingfisher. If you are still in doubt whether JPEGmini Pro is any good there is a trail version.

Happy optimising. 🙂

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