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Best free creative software

Free alternative to photoshop

The best free creative software alternative to photoshop cc is in our opinion gimp and what is the best alternative to photoshop if you are looking for a relatively cheap paid alternative? Affinity photo is a good choice. Read all about it in our Affinity Photo blog post.

Open source can even handle 32 bits images It also has a lot of plugins available

Inkscape free alternative to illustrator

Inkscape is a free alternative to illustrator so if you are looking for a relatively cheap illustrator alternative, affinity designer is a good choice.

Free alternative to 3D Studio Max

Best free alternative to 3D Studio Max and Maya must be blender 3D; very well developed and could be used to model for 3D printing as well.

Davinci resolve download free

Davinci resolve download for free is a video and compositing alternative to premiere pro cc and after effect cc all in one.

davinci resolve download free

These 4 different softwares all have one thing in common. They can run on linux, you could make an ubuntu creative desktop completely free. Have fun creating 🙂

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