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Best blender youtube channels

Over a long period of time I watched hundreds of YouTube blender channels. I made a list of the ones I think are special and of high quality, the best blender YouTube channels.

The YouTube channels are very different in what you can learn from them. They have in common the fact that you can achieve something awesome by following some of their videos. Here is the list with the 12 best blender YouTube channels.

1. Polyfjord 439.000 subscribers

Have a look at this super cool fireball tutorial. It is very detailed and tells what you get by subscribing to Polyfjord channel.

Or maybe a SVG to 3D burger

2. Derek Elliott 126.000 subscribers.

This video is so cool. It is about how to model a pair of sun glasses. It is very structured and detailed and has a little interview with a professional eyewear designer focusing on what to consider when designing sun glasses.

Here is a take on modeling a shoe in Blender.

3. Josh Gambrell 129.000 subscribers

If you are into hard-surface modeling, you have to watch this channel. In the video below you can get an idea of how to develop a sense for making hardsurfaced models.

4. Blender Made Easy 83.200 subscribers

I love to watch Blender Made Easy. It has so many cool simulations videos. Here you can see liquid inside a sphere.

Boid particles- I had no idea that they existed before I saw this video. Make a steam of fish or group of birds and enable them to flee a predator.

Need a pile of rocks? Watch this short video. It will amongst other things show you how to control the rock size.

5. askNK 171.000 Subscribers

If you are looking for expanding blender a.k.a add-ons, askNK is a great way to start. The pace is very high, but it is still possible to get an idea of what the plugins can do. Before I started watching askNK, I wasn't aware of the variety of plugins available.

Info: some of the videos is about stand alone apps, and many of the plugins are not free

If you want to browse Plugins for blender instead of videos, try:

6. PIXXO 3D 94.200 subscribers

PIXXO 3D is awesome, as it has a bunch of short videos easy to follow. It really shows that it is possible to make something cool without the need for the complexity to sky rocket.

7. CG Geek 973.000 subscribers

CG Geek is definitely fun to watch. Good channel for VFX and animation.

8. Ryan King Art 54.900 subscribers

I like Ryan, because his videos are very well made and detailed. Make a Sci-Fi Robot with this series.

I would like to mention that Ryan made some very good videos on procedural Materials.

9. Ducky 3D 336.000 Subscribers

Ducky 3D is special in the way that the videos are more abstract. The channel is a very good place to start if you want to create motion graphic or more abstract 3D art.

Geometry nodes is the new thing in blender; here is a cool animation made with the help of geometry nodes.

10. CG Boost 229.000 subscribers

Here you find an interesting sculpting video from CG Boost

I have written an article about Zachs beginner modeling video series which is made with apples, something I found to be very useful.

11. Bad Normals 54.300 subscribers

If you want see what is possible with blender geometry nodes, Bad Normals is a great channel. This video is very impressive and fascinating but it is very "math heavy". I really like the combination of math and geometry nodes; there are also easier geometry node videos.

12. Blender Guru 2,22 mio. subscribers

I have chosen to put Blender Guru at the end of the article, because you probably have found it already and therefore also to give the other channels a chance first. The Blender Guru doughnut series is very famous and refreshed from time to time when a new major blender version is released like 3.0. Other chanels often mock Andrew for his doughnut success.

After watching some or all of these best blender YouTube channels:

I hope you had fun and that you have expanded your horisont of what is possible to make with blender. I have tried to choose videos that illuminate the possibilities for this. If you like some of videos, consider supporting their patron and download some models and scenes from Gumroad. Most of the time they put link in the description. If you are low on money, you can always subscribe to the channels. I like to point out that I have not received anything from the channels holders. I just think they deserve appreciation for all the hours they put into making the videos.

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