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Handmade unique ceramics. One of a kind ceramic artwork

Wabi sabi the art of imperfection is the theme for my one of a kind ceramic artwork. For inquires about buying or exhibition

wall art ceramic

This is my largest ceramic artwork. In order to create all the tiles, I made 7 plaster molds. It took 6 months to complete. Title: Gold can't cure a lonely heart. Read how it was made here

Wabi Sabi vase

This Wabi Sabi styled vase was constructed with a slipcast plaster mold. There are traces left behind on purpose from the casting process on the top edges, and the glazing are nature like chaotic. Read more here

Handbuilt ceramics

This unika vase is handbuilt with the use of lava clay. The vase is raw fired without any glazing. It is quite big and very heavy. Se the creation of the vase here

Title: Raw oldness

Commissioned work

I do commissioned ceramic work too, my specialty are vases and medium sized sculptures usually pre visual in 3D. I do not make thrown ceramics or anything to eat or drink from (it takes lab tests to know for sure that a glaze is truly safe). 


If you want I will let you in on the creation process, emailing photography from the creation or 3D drawings. You are also welcome to send 3D drawings or normal 2D drawings for me to build from.


A friendly discussion of a project is of of course completely free :) 

Ceramic jug for flowers

This ceramic jug for flowers is the essence of how I would like my ceramic artwork to be received. It is rough and abstract nature like.  It is one of a kind ceramics. In a way it is both a ceramic jug and a abstract ceramic vase at the same time. I have not "corrected" the marks, traces from the creation process. I my world I would like to call it a Wabi Sabi styled jug.

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